I'd like to thank my students/parents and others who allowed me to use them as a reference.  I sincerely hope that what they have to say will help you in your decision to use me as your music teacher or entertainer.  Because I respect their privacy, I have not published their last names or their residences.  Should anyone feel more comfortable speaking directly to them, I'm sure that that arrangement could be made.  Again, I extend my appreciation to them.

Resident @ Bear Creek: "Thank you for the wonderful music. I forgot all about my troubles for an hour."

Jim @ Covenant Village: "I've been here two years and you're the best entertainer we've had."

Katie F., educator, wrote:
I am writing to recommend Dan Johnson for the position of substitute teacher.  I have known Dan for one year, during which time he has taught our children music.

Having formerly taught in Jefferson County and having attended many of these lessons with the kids, I feel I can comfortably recommend Dan for this position.  Dan develops an excellent rapport with the kids very quickly.  He has the ability to establish a comfortable relationship while at the same time earning their respect.  I especially appreciate the attention Mr. Johnson gives to the whole child, talking about things like time management, goal setting and commitment, always with humor and genuine care.

Dan is an authentic person.  His presentation is honest and sincere.  His genuine concern for the whole child is evident in every part of his interaction with our children.  He shares in their excitement about learning and deals with them in a very honest and authentic way.  It is for this reason that I recommended Dan for the position of substitute teacher.

Duane K, educator/CPA wrote:
It is without hesitation that I recommend Dan Johnson.  I have known Dan as a guitar instructor for my son Zach.  Dan Has been an excellent instructor.  He has had a positive impact on me and my son thru his instruction.

Dan is creative, conscientious, professional and hard-working.  He has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and enthusiasm.  He has had a positive impact on Zach through His life skills as well.  Dan presents a well-rounded method to his instruction, and he follows up to ensure the success of Zach's learning.

Dan would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.

Lisa J. wrote:
Our daughter, Jamie, is in the 5th grade and has been taking music lessons from Dan for one year.  Jamie has taken lessons from other private instructors and she really likes Dan’s teaching style.  She takes guitar lessons and flutes lessons from Dan.  He is very versatile in his instruction methods.  Dan also incorporates music theory with his lessons.  He designs his lessons to suit the individual student’s needs.  We would recommend Dan to anyone interested in private music lessons.

(Jamie is now in 7th grade at D' Evelyn Jr./Sr. High and is 1st chair flute) GO JAMIE !!!!



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