The group Rimfire was made up of most of the members of Chrome Pony. Chrome Pony had broken up as all bands must do for various reasons. In 1995, I had to go on temporary duty with the postal service to Rocky Ford and cover the postmaster's job as Officer-in-Charge or (OIC). I was there for about six months and replaced in the band by another guitarist. Chuck Farnsworth had moved to Gunnison during this time and as I was no longer with Chrome Pony, he called me and we began the process of putting the new band, Rimfire, together. The members as they appear above are: Dan Johnson, Chuck Farnsworth, Josh (The Drummer Dude) Tidd and David Terhune. This band worked from about 1996-1998. We all remain good friends.



This group of photos was taken at a benefit for a local resident who had contracted cancer.



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