The Moonrakers was a band that was led by bassist Joel Brandes. The Wild Ones had broken up and I got a call to play lead guitar. The original players had moved on but the name was still hot. I was with this group for only a short while. We did a few gigs around Denver and one road triip to Montana. I don't have any pictures at present but I did manage to save a poster.

A few of the guys from the Moonrakers ended up in the band Sugarloaf. They had a hit called "Green Eyed Lady." Everytime I hear it on the oldies stations it brings back good memories. They joined up with Jerry Corbetta on organ and vocals. Jerry and I did several gigs prior to the group Sugarloaf. One gig that I remember was at the Lowry AFB teen club. We used to get $10 per night. Good money in those days.

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