Here's my uniform!

I thank the many senior residents that have commented and complimented me for maintaining (to quote their words) a "gentlemanly" look. It makes me proud that they should appreciate me in this manner. Unless I'm doing a theme show that is requisit of a particular attire styling, I always dress "UP". I believe that it is laziness of HEART that causes our society to dress down for the most part. There are few of us that cannot afford to dress appropriately for various ocassions. I am apalled with the fact that those that claim to have little but own both a cell phone and a new "thin-line" TV. The only reason for my owning a cell phone is for business reasons. I own not a new technology "thin-line" television. It is one of the lesser priorities of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        303-875-7932
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