I've always loved vehicles. They say that hindsight is 20/20 and I can truly state that I wish that I had paid more attention to my father as I grew up. For much of his career in the U.S. Army, he was a motor-pool Sergeant. The man had but a third grade education but could dismantle just about anything and have it working quite quickly. I'm afraid that my skills are mediocre but my passion high.

My Dad had a saying: "If you can't fix it yourself, you can't afford to own it." A couple of stories that go back to when my parents were first married allude to his thoughts and one is quiet comical.

My folks had an "A" model ford for a while. The story goes that my father dropped my mother off at church one Sunday in the "A" model. Upon his picking her up an hour or so later, he had completely replaced a bad piston in the same vehicle. Believable? Knowing my father's mechanical skills, I'd say so.

There was a man who had a junk yard around Appalachia, Virginia that everyone used to call "Snag" because he was missing a few teeth in the front of his mouth. One day my father sent my mother on a "parts mission" to secure what ever was needed to keep the family vehicle in running condition.

My mother came from Denver, Colorado and had attended Denver University for a time. Had one had the opportunity to meet my mother, they would know that her manners were impeccable. She was loved by most back in "them-thar-hills" as I'm sure that she was a rose amongst many thorns. She caught the bus to the junk yard to retrieve the automotive parts.

Upon her arrival, she introduced herself and referred to the owner as Mr. So-and-so rather than "Snag" as most of the locals referred to him. My father returned home that evening and was confused at how little "Snag" had charged my mother for the parts. And, by the way, he also provided her with lunch and waited with her for the return bus trip home. It just goes to show you what a bit of etiquette will get you.

Anyway, if I can think of some more stories that are relative, I'll post them. Otherwise, enjoy my pictures and comments regarding my motor sport stuff.


1973 CORVETTE 454


(author, age 14)

2004 BMW R1150R

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