Hunting has become part of my recreational activities since I moved to Gunnison in 1992. I had done some wild boar hunting while living in France but after my service time, I lived in the city and was too busy working and playing music.

I was invited to hunt with a friend, Steve, who was an absolutely avid hunter and outdoorsman. As we lived in the "country" and had close access to land that was abundant with game, it was natural to be attracted to the sport.

In 1998, I moved back to the big city and a work schedule that did not allow for a lot of time off to pursue the sport of hunting. I certainly had a few years of lost opportunity.

In 2006, I turned 60 years young and was well into my retirement and decided that there was no excuse not to hunt. My friend, Chuck Farnsworth and I have been hunting each year since. We've both agreed that because I hunted with him when I was 60, that he has to hunt with me when he's 60 in 2016.












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