My friend, Chuck Farnsworth, and I have started what we hope will become a tradition: Wandering around in the mountains each 3rd season in hope that an elk will make the mistake of wandering off private land. Chuck and I have been friends and played music together since about 1993. This particular season, there was a terrible incident where a herd of elk was shot up by some hunters that did wrong. We think that the wildlife rangers felt sorry for a couple of "old guys" hunting on foot. The gave us one of the downed animals but we had to haul it out. It was downed about 3/4 of a mile off the road and it was no easy chore carrying it out by hand. We did half of it by hand and had to admit to our ancientness and call for some help from Chuck's son, James.

Here comes the fog!                                                                                  It's in!    

 How far to camp?                                    How is it that I get back up?                                            Oh, my aching back!            

         I walked up here?                                                    Somebody called in the MARINES!

QUICK! Take a picture of this, my wife will never believe me! Anybody got a paring knife?


Well, we both admit to having a great time. It seems as though we were on the wrong side of the mountain at the right time. However, the scenery was great and my phone didn't ring the whole time. It doesn't get much better than spending time in GUNNISON COUNTRY.


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